Captain's Info

RACE SITE ADDRESS: Promenade at Under Armour HQ. 1010 Hull Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.

PARKING:  The site map attached provides you the areas where you can park for the day. Please remind your team members to NOT park in a spot marked RESERVED, not park all over the neighborhood streets, or anywhere noted as no parking. YOU WILL BE TOWED. All parking on the campus is free. Responsibility for the consequences of parking illegally will fall to the owner of the vehicle.
ARRIVAL TIME: Teams can arrive any time after 6:30 am. As a reminder, we are no longer allowed to place tents at the turf field so we are limited in areas for tents. Please be considerate when making up your tent space. Once everyone has had the opportunity to settle in for the day, you may spread out and move around. The concrete circles where the Athlete's Village is can also accommodate tents (just no stakes there).
STUFF TO BRING: Each team may bring one 10x10 tent for the team’s use (and you can use stakes to anchor to the ground where there is grass). If you place a tent on concrete, you will need to bring your own anchoring device (cinder-blocks, heavy weights, etc…). Have your team bring chairs, blankets, sunblock, hats, rain gear, etc. Since you all will be neighbors with each other throughout the day, we encourage sharing, getting to know your neighbors, and have a great day. Bring food, water, Gatorade, etc. There is a Walmart and Harris Teeter or Shoppers nearby as well if you need additional items.  Grills are not allowed.
CHECK IN: We will hold check-in/registration by the blue tables outside the Under Armour Combine Training Center. Check-in will begin at 7 am.
EVENT/RACE SCHEDULE: it is attached with the email. We will try to keep to the race times as close as possible. If we can speed things up along the way we will try!
OPENING CEREMONIES: We are hoping to do a quick opening/eye dotting ceremony with all 8 boats filled from the first 2 races so if possible, the first 2 races should marshal at 8:15 am so that we can get everyone on the water and back at the docks by 8:30 am. Please let me know if this will be an issue. After the ceremonies we'll go right into racing.
RACE PROGRESSION: Each team will race 3 times throughout the day (not including the 2000 meter races). The first race will seed you for the semi race. The semi race will determine your final race based on position & time. This is spelled out in the schedule. There will be a boat at the starting line and a chase boat with each race.
START CALLS: After the line judge gives the race to the starter, it should be the following calls noted: “We have alignment,” “paddlers ready…” then the horn will go off 3-5 seconds afterwards. The races will NOT be held starts so please pay attention to water conditions and the starting line judge to determine wet or dry starts. Water conditions will also vary throughout the race day and even while lining up so it is critical that your team pays attention to your steerer and/or starter once you are ready for a race start.
MARSHALING: We ask that you please marshal 30 minutes before your race time. This is to allow time to load up to 4 boats, get to the start, align, and be ready to go.  We are running a race every 10 minutes throughout the day, all the way to finals.  If your team is late to marshaling, I will hear about it on the radio.  We will do our best to let you know if you are late to marshaling, but if we can't find you we will go without you!
PROTEST PROCEDURES: To be explained at the Captain’s meeting.
CAPTAINS’ MEETING: 7:30 am. We’ll meet on the promenade (wood deck area). We’ll meet in the middle so everyone can hear. We’ll meet the officiating team. They will go through the calls, procedures, etc…We will also get an update on water conditions for steering. Steerers’ attendance strongly recommended.
WEATHER: It is normally quite hot and we occasionally experience rain at this event so please be sure to pack for the weather (sunblock, hats, towels, rain gear, etc…). We will move forward with the event if there is no lightning, thunder, and/or small craft advisory.  MD weather can be unpredictable so always be prepared! Stay hydrated throughout the day.
SHELTER IN PLACE IN CASE OF WEATHER EMERGENCY: We are not anticipating the need for this; however, IF a major storm does come through during the day and we need to evacuate the race site, please listen to the announcer. Tents should be lowered and anchored as best as possible. Team members should go to their vehicles immediately upon evacuation notice and wait for further instructions.
RESTROOMS: We will have port-a-potties available for racers’ and spectators’ use. PLEASE DO NOT GO INTO THE UNDER ARMOUR PERFORMANCE CENTER TO ASK TO USE THEIR RESTROOMS!!!!!!!! Please also do not attempt to go into the buildings to try to find restrooms.There are no restrooms for public use in the hallways inside the buildings.
FIRST AID: We will have first aid available at the Information area. As a reminder, the wood decking where spectators can go to watch the races could give you splinters so always be careful. Please let us know if there are medical issues right away so we can address as quickly as possible.
FESTIVAL STEERERS: Speaking of steerers, BDBC has several steerers for those teams needing them. I would request that you do not ask a specific steerer to be on your boat. They will be assigned for each of the races. All the steerers are experienced in our waters.
PADDLING GEAR: All teams must use IDBF certified paddles (can be wood or carbon or hybrid). For PFDs, they must be standard wearable USGC approved PFDs. We only ask that NO SELF INFLATABLE FLOATATION PFDs (waist packs) be used. 45” and 47” paddles only will be provided for the Challenge.
BRACELETS/CROSS ROSTERING: As a way to minimize cross rostering (or paddlers jumping into other boats), each team will be given a specific number of bracelets for the team members and no more. This is part of the importance of getting me your team roster so the bracelets could be pre-counted. Paddlers and drummers must have a bracelet before getting into the boats. We will not reissue bracelets if you lose them or cut them off so please be sure to tie them accordingly. Bracelets will be checked at marshaling and we will also check for 8 female paddlers for the mixed boats. We will be taking photos of EACH boat at each heat just in case we receive complaints of cross rostering.  The 2000 meter race will be the only race where it will be ok with paddlers jumping into different boats.
2000 METER EXHIBITION RACE: There are many teams registered, so in order to try to keep the long day to a minimum, we are limiting this to two heats of 8 boats, so the top 16 teams will qualify for this. We’ll base the seeding on the times from Round 1 races so that you all know which heat you’ll be before the finals are finished.
FOOD TRUCKS: Unfortunately we will not have the food trucks this year. There are many local eateries near the race site. It will be ok to have food delivered; however, we also recommend teams bring their own food and water. If you would like a list please let Ada know.
ALCOHOL: Paddlers racing will NOT be allowed to consume alcohol before or during the race and the race committee will reserve the right to disqualify a team completely if it appears that someone is under the influence.
PETS: They are allowed so long as they do not go on the turf field. Please also clean up after your pets.
BDBC CHALLENGE SHIRTS: There will be a limited number of Under Armour 2016 Challenge t-shirts for sale. Cash, check & credit cards welcome (we use Square). I believe they will cost $35 each.
TURF FIELD: As a reminder, all are welcome to play or warm up on the turf field but please no food, pets, or drinks. There are signs noting what not to bring on the field.
PHOTOGRAPHERS: We will have photographer on site all day so please be sure to give him your biggest smiles if he asks! Before your first race, we will take a team photo for everyone and make the photos available online for download.
FUNDRAISING:  Several teams, including BDBC, will have tables set up for fundraising purposes, including support for BCS teams to race in Sarasota, FL, and Team Kaya paddling for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Please be sure to visit your neighbors to support their causes.
GENERAL BEHAVIOR: We are very fortunate to have Under Armour provide all of us with an incredible venue for a race so please respect their rules regarding the promenade, turf field, parking, bathrooms, and pet cleanup. I know this goes without saying but please listen to the staff throughout the day. They are all BDBC club members and volunteers who have a job to do to try to keep everything running smoothly. We are all here to make sure you have a great day and a great racing experience.  If you have any questions, just find one of the bright yellow-shirted staff members, and we'll get the answer.
BDBC thanks all of you for coming to our Challenge and we look forward to an awesome day of racing, and camaraderie! Safe travels to those who are coming from far away and let’s make this a great day for everyone!
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you have questions or concerns before race day.