While it is great to finally get on the water, we are going to do some things a little different this season to ensure we all remain as safe as possible while still getting to participate in the sport we love. Listed below are some questions you may have about the 2021 season. This page will be updated as we receive other questions, so please be sure to check back often.

(Last Updated August 6th, 2021)

How do I sign up for practice?

As in past seasons, you will need to sign up for practice on Team Snap.  No exceptions! Since space is limited, we will be strictly enforcing the “first forty paddlers” signup rule.  

To practice, you must:

What if I signed up for practice and find out later that I can’t make it?

Space on the boat is limited and some people may skip signing up if it looks like there’s not going to be room in the boat for them, so if you signed up for practice and then find that you’re not going to make it, please update your status in TeamSnap accordingly.

Will I still be able to do “pay as you go” this season?

No, unfortunately we are limiting practice participation to only paddlers that pay the membership fee. This may change later in the season.

Will paddles and PFD’s still be provided?

Yes. If you own your own PFD and paddle, you are encouraged to bring them, but we will still have gear available for those that do not have it. Antibacterial wipes/cleaner will be provided for you to use to clean the equipment before and after you use it and we ask that you utilize them.

Will there be weekday practices?

We cannot predict the future, but we hope to have weekday practices at some point this season. To start, we will have only Saturday morning 8 AM practices.

Will we have access to the locker room before and after practice?

Yes! But there are a few conditions:

  • Unless you are a gym member, you can only use the locker rooms/showers, not the gym equipment.
  • Bring your own towels.
  • Masks still need to be worn inside the gym as Baltimore City still has an indoor mask mandate.
  • Only UA branded or unbranded gear should be worn in the facility. Absolutely no Nike, Adidas or other branded clothing/shoes are allowed.

You mentioned that only vaccinated people can attend practice. Do I have to prove that I have been vaccinated?

Yes. Everyone must provide proof that they were fully vaccinated. Please email it to us at membership@baltimoredragonboatclub.com.

Do I have to wear a mask on the boat?

No, masks are optional on the boats.

How much is this years membership?

Membership for the remainder of the season will be $75.

Is the club planning to attend any races this season?

No, the club will not officially be attending any races this season. There are always opportunities to paddle with other clubs at races if you desire. Additionally, if you find enough people interested in attending a particular race, you may organize separately and race independently from BDBC.

How many people will be allowed to paddle?

Two of our dragon boats (the 10 seater and the 20 seater) will be at 100% capacity, and our other 20 seater will be at 50% capacity however we will evaluate this on a weekly basis as the season progresses. For the July 10th practice , our revised capacity will be 40 paddlers, 3 steerers and up to 3 coaches.

Are these rules going to apply for the entire 2021 season?

No, not necessarily. Things may change so check back here often.

How is parking going to work?

As in past seasons, everyone must park only in spaces marked “Visitor”. If you are on the club email list, you will be receiving an email from “Premium Parking” with directions for registering your car.

I have more questions! Who can I send them to?

Please email info@baltimoredragonboatclub.com with any questions or concerns.